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Features & Benefits

Users will love it!

Google has set the standards of what a good search experience should be. It is no surprise that internet users settle for nothing less. SearchNode helps you keep your site visitors happy – it offers intelligent and fast search with modern features such as autocomplete and "Did you mean?" that your users will love!

Cutting-edge technology

Strong algorithms understand what exactly users search for and provide just relevant results. We operate SaaS model therefore SearchNode solution is remotely hosted on our servers rather than being installed on your hardware. It saves your time, money and employees nerves. If you need any help, our developers are always ready to help you tweak your search to perfection.

A must have for e-commerce

A good search solution is vital for an e-commerce store. On average, visitors who use the search box generate 50% of total revenue. Our customers praise of increased conversion rates from 20% to 200% with SearchNode. Try it out yourself – request a demo for your store and feel the difference.

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Intelligent search engine

Visitors can search using various form of words or synonyms (e.g. flip-flops or sandals) and our search engine will understand it. The technology and algorithms of our search engine understand every user and give the most relevant results. It ensures very high conversion rate for your ecommerce site. And it is really fast - ~40ms! Moreover, if your store doesn't have a product user was searching for, to avoid "No Results" page, our technology recommends similar products that may be interesting for them according to our data.


Users mistype really often. Either by accident or when they don't know the correct spelling (e.g. some brand name). Also, Google, Amazon and the other biggest web enterprises have set the standards what a good search experience should be and Internet users settle for nothing less. Therefore autocorrect ensures that your customers will not leave the website and have the best user experience

Filters after search

Filters (or faceted navigation) is the best way to refine search results. Often users search for phrases that may return a wide set of results (e.g. women's shoes). Faceted navigation helps them to narrow the results (e.g. by size, color and brand names) to the only relevant ones. Biggest e-commerce players like have proven that faceted navigation is an amazing feature for boosting search conversion rate and user experience level.


Transliteration lets user search by Latin letters when site is in Cyrillic script (or vice versa). It is an amazing feature and a must have for websites in Russian language.


While user is typing, we are trying to predict what they are going to search for. Therefore, user doesn't have to enter the whole phrase and may get a better idea what to search for. Furthermore, we suggest not only the keywords, but also the best matching products. Thus often users will find what they are looking for even before finishing the search phrase.


Some products generate higher profits than the other. With SearchNode you can bring promoted or higher margin products to the top of the search results as well as show them in the autocomplete. This will let you increase your revenue and sell more products you want.

And much more...

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Live Examples?


How does SearchNode work?

It is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service). Client does not need to maintain infrastructure and update the software. All system is on our cloud servers and communicates with your website through the API. When a client makes a search query, it goes to our servers and we return the best results. This process takes only ~50ms!

How to add SearchNode to my website?

We will give your developers rich documentation where they will find all the information and tools needed for implementation. Additionally our support team will help 24/7 before, during and after the implementation with any questions. We work with every customer directly to achieve the best results and bring the best value.

How can SearchNode improve my e-commerce site?

First of all, your users will be able to find products inside the website much easier and faster. What does it mean? Simple - better conversion rate and bigger average order value. People often use complex phrases to describe what they are searching for. If search is not smart enough and doesn't return relevant results, they can simply leave your website.

In addition to the smart search engine which helps your users to find the right products we provide high quality features like suggestions, spell-check and accurate filters. They will keep your customers happy and make them want to buy again.

Why should I use SearchNode instead of open source solution like Solr or Elastic?

To configure and customize to your needs an open source solution you will need to spend a lot of time and hire developers who have experience with these platforms. After spending a lot of time and money on configuring and customizing, you still have to maintain the infrastructure, solve issues and update the software. SearchNode does it all for you. And constantly delivers new features. And adjusts your search based on your user behavior. And more.

What is the price?

Contact us and we will give a price for your e-commerce site.

Is there any setup fee?

No. Your developers will implement it easily and we don't charge for it. We understand this business therefore there are no any hidden fees or conditions.